Custom Perms

These Are Not Your Grandma’s perms!

These curls and waves are prominent now more than ever – from special occasion to every day styles! Gone are the frizzy, poodle perms that smelled of chemicals even after you shampooed! Now, your stylist can give you a loose, flowing wave, a natural bouncy curl or just lift at the root with little to no curl at all! And the best part – you can shampoo on the same day you get your service!

I specialize in custom perms for long hair, bodywave perms, as well as perms for rollersets.

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Perm Styles

Beautiful Ringlets

If you’re looking for soft, bouncy curls, this is the style for you. This technique creates light volume and texture all over.

Flirty Loose Wave

This technique provides firm lift at the scalp and soft, open waves toward the ends of the hair.

Hollywood Curls

What’s more Hollywood than big, voluptuous curls! This technique offers body and volume throughout with longer-lasting curls that mimic naturally curly hair.

Just want a little lift?

This technique offers volume at the root without a lot of curl from a traditional perm. The focus is at the crown of the head to deliver volume where you need it most. Plus, it’s quick and easy to add a little polishing of color and shine – two salon services in one!

Volume & Curl Throughout!

If you’re looking for lift and volume with soft loose curls, this is your style! This technique creates a boost at the crown that continues throughout the surface of the scalp. Large, loose curls drape down towards the ends of the hair.

Funky & Natural

This technique creates modern, irregular, slightly square curls. With this unique curl pattern, you can easily go straight and sleek up your look while maintaining volume!

Client Do’s and Don’ts

During the first few days after a perm…


  • Do use a blowdryer or a flat iron, if your hair gets wet during the first couple of days.
  • Do blow dry or straighten your hair with a flat iron to remove ridges that you get while you sleep.
  • Do wear a silk scarf, if you need to pull your hair away from your face.
  • Do wear your hair down all the times.
  • Do use the stylist recommended shampoo, which is one that doesn’t contain sodium chloride.


  • Don’t wash your hair or get it wet.
  • Don’t exercise or sweat.
  • Don’t use sprays, gels, or mousses.
  • Don’t tie your hair back, using hair bands or hair clips of any kind.
  • Don’t tuck your hair behind your ears.
  • Don’t use eyeglasses or sunglasses to hold your hair back.
  • Don’t get a perm or relaxer, if you are pregnant or nursing.
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