Tape-In Hair Extensions

No Heat, No Tools, No Damage.
Fabulous Hair in less than an hour!

While most hair extension companies are still using 20-year-old methods, Hotheads offers new technology that provides volume, length, highlights and dynamic color easily and without damage or hair loss.

Hotheads Hair Extensions are human hair, tape-in extensions that are applied without the need for tools or heat and are designed to lay completely seamless and undetectable in the hair. With amazing quality human remy hair, the cuticle remains intact and allows Hotheads Hair Extensions to be reapplied up to 3 times, while still looking and feeling amazing. Clients will get 8 to 10 weeks of wear from each application.

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The Hotheads Story

Hotheads hair extensions are human hair, tape-in extensions that are applied without the need for tools or heat. Our goal was to create a revolutionary product that was simple… fast… and extraordinary. We have done just that!  For clients, our products have completely changed the way their hair looks and how they feel about themselves.

Length Chart

Hotheads Tape-In Extensions come pre-layered in their packaging. Our shortest length has strands that range between 10” to 12” for a natural and tapered appearance. The same applies to all other extension lengths. Because of this, blending is made very simple, with minimal trimming necessary.

Hotheads Tape-In Extensions are offered in:

10”-12” / 30cm
14”-16” / 40cm
16”-18” / 45cm (Fantasy Colors Only)
18”-20” / 50cm
22”-24” / 60cm

Extension Types


Hotheads Tape-In Hair Extensions are uniquely designed to lay completely seamless and undetectable in the hair. Manufactured with amazing quality human remy hair with the cuticle intact allows our hair to be reapplied up to 3 times, while still looking and feeling amazing. Clients will get 8 to 10 weeks of wear from each application.

Offered in 4 lengths.

Wear straight or wavy. Water will activate a slight body wave, which allows them to be worn straight or wavy.

Each pack contains 20 pieces, which makes 10 complete extension attachments.


Hotheads Ultimates tape-in extensions are a patented design, which virtually disappear into the hair, offering an even more natural blend. This innovative design blends into the hairline, appearing to be growing directly from the root.

Naturally blends into the hairline for a discreet option.

Each pack creates 6 complete extensions.

Micro Strands

Hotheads Micro Strands are 0.4” wide bands that are specifically designed to lay completely undetectable in areas where tabs tend to be cumbersome. This includes the parietal ridge, crown, and the temple area.

Ideal for the client who prefers up-do styles.

Reapplied every 4 weeks to maintain integrity of the client’s natural hair.


Rainbow Packs and Pastel Packs are pre-blended. Our original blend of human hair and temperature safe synthetic fiber creates bold and long lasting vibrant colors.

This product can be ironed and blown out just like regular human hair products, but should not exceed a maximum of 250°F/ 121°C.

Color Melts

Colormelts™ are a spectrum of gorgeous shades that melt into one another. Colormelts were inspired by hand-painted techniques such as Ombré and Balayage, but fashioned in a way that requires no chemical services or treatments! Gone are the days where you had to color and potentially damage your hair to get the latest in color trends.

Colormelts tape-in extensions are available in 2 lengths, 14″-16″ and 18″-20″ and 12 shades including naturals, metallics, pastels and vivids.

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Client Do’s and Don’ts


  • Wait 24-48 hours before washing or chemically processing your hair
  • When brushing, use a soft, boar bristle brush; starting at the ends and working your way up, always brushing in a downward motion.  Brush before shampooing to keep hair from matting.
  • Always us a good leave-in conditioner from mid shaft to ends, keeping away from the tape tabs.
  • Wear your hair in a low pony tail when swimming, exercising and sleeping
  • Wait 48-72 hours after any chemical treatment to have extension applied.
  • Always have a licensed cosmetologist remove and re-apply your extensions


  • Don’t use any products containing alcohol, oil, or ethanol.  Alcohol based products are drying to the hair and can compromise the strength of the adhesive bond.
  • Don’t brush hair harshly.
  • Don’t go to be with your hair wet.
  • Don’t chemically process your hair at home.  Rely on your salon professional for any services while wearing extensions.
  • Never remove your extensions yourself.

Hotheads Aftercare

When a salon professional and a client both follow the guidelines for Hotheads application and hair care properly, the results can be amazing and stay looking that way for 8-10 weeks at a time.  If an issue should arise, refer to the following solutions:

Cause:  At the time of application the client’s hair may have been poorly clarified, there may have been residual silicones from a “Plex” treatment, too damp, freshly dyed, or had too much hair placed between the two tabs.  Your client may be using products with oil, heavy silicones or alcohol.

Solution:  Completely remove Hotheads and re-apply with new tape, making sure your client’s hair is prepared according to the directions.  Make sure the client is using good products at home.

Cause:  The extensions could have been applied too close to the scalp, pulled too tightly, or placed against the natural growth of the hair.

Solution:  Completely remove Hotheads and re-apply carefully following instructions.  Let the strand of the client’s hair fall over the lower adhesive loosely and in the natural direction of growth.

Cause:  The scalp has not adapted to the new weight, or the client may not be shampooing and rinsing properly.

Solution:  No scratching; the scalp must adjust to the new weight.  Just give the issue some time.  Make sure to reiterate the importance of rinsing all product out of the hair.  Remember, there is no latex, silicon or other allergens in the tabs that would cause irritation

Cause:  The extension could be damaged due to excessive heat or using the wrong products.

Solution:  Use Hotheads Hydrating Masque on natural hair and extensions. For optimal results, use Hotheads specially formulated products regularly.

Cause:  The client has probably gone to be with wet or damp hair; has kept a towel on her damp hair for too long; hasn’t brushed hair before washing; or has rubbed or massaged her scalp too much.

Solution:  Use our Hotheads Restore strand-by-strand and carefully work your way up with our extension brush.  To avoid this from re-occurring, inform your client on the proper care of her extensions.

Cause:  There are may things that could cause the hair to fade or become discolored.  One more common issue at the beginning of summer is blonde extensions becoming discolored with an orange or pink tone.  This is usually due to mineral deposits from chemically treated pool water, ocean, lake, well water and sunscreens.  Blondes should refrain from using any care or maintenance products that are not clear or white in color.

Solution:  Clarify the hair with our Clean Shampoo and perform a demineralizing treatment.

Prevention:  Advise clients that they should always protect their hair before exposing it to the elements.  To block these elements, always rinse with water before and after swimming.  Applying Smooth Conditioner prior to swimming is also a smart idea.  In all cases, keep the hair extensions away from sunscreens.

  • A note regarding Argan oils:  The biggest Argan brand(s) pose a significant risk of discolorization.  Ask your Hotheads / Beauty Solutions Consultant about our other Beauty Solutions brands, all of which have been tested on Hotheads and found to be safe alternatives.

Frequently Asked Questions

There are 20 strands in each full pack that make 10 complete extensions.  Mini Packs and Fantasy Packs contain 12 strands that make 6 complete extensions.  Rainbow contain 24 strands that make 12 complete extensions.  Micro stands come in 20 Piece Packs.

On average, it takes 3 (20 piece) packs to create length for your client.  If their hair is thicker or they have shorter layers, you may need 4 (20 piece) packs.   If their hair is fine, you may be able to complete a full head with need 2 (20 piece) packs.  If you are creating length in blunt haircuts, texturizing the client’s hair first will help in blending the extension and existing hair.  Creating volume depends on how much thickness they are trying to add, but typically volume is achieved in under a pack if you are not creating length.  The number of packs may also vary based upon the amount of colors that you are tying to match in your client’s existing hair.  They should be considered for estimating price and timing during the initial consultation.

60 individual tabs which will re-tape 3 (20 piece) packs of hair.  Best pricing occurs when you buy them at the same time as the hair packs.

10-12″, 14-16″, 18-20″, 22-24″ (Select 22-24″ colors are in stock, but some colors are special order only.)

Yes.  We recommend rinsing the hair with water immediate before and after swimming.  Another trick is to apply, and leave-in Hotheads Smooth Condition prior to swimming.  This nourishes the hair while preventing the hair from absorbing harmful elements, such as chlorine and minerals.  Regarding exercise:  Hair tangles when dirt and swear build up, so advise clients to wear their hair up or in a ponytail when exercising or relaxing in a sauna.  They must be sure to wash their hair after working out, as well a brushing before and after exercising and showering.  Exposing extensions to sunscreen may cause discoloration.

8 to 10 weeks depending on the client’s hair growth.  They can be reapplied up to 3 times for a total of 6-8 months of wear.  This time range is recommended to eliminate matting, frizzing and tangling, and ensures the extension is always fresh and close to the scalp and the extension bond appears seamless.

Our hair is 100% cuticle-on Remy human hair from India.  The extension itself is hand made in China with products from Asia, Europe and the US.

Our regular extensions are 100% Remy human hair, meaning the cuticle is intact and the hair is placed with the cuticle all facing the same direction.  This eliminates matting, tangling or short hair returns.  Our fantasy colors are a blend of temperature-safe synthetic and human hair.  This blend allows the colors to remain vibrant.  This product and be ironed and low out just like regular human hair products.  Snapples are 100% temperature safe synthetic.

There are 22 colors that can be blended to over 500 different shades. If you are unable to blend to create your desired shade you can deposit color down two-three levels.  We do not recommend that you lighten the extensions.  To create a more platinum blonde you can apply a toner to the 613 or 25.  In the process of applying color, keep all colors away from the  adhesive tab.  If you decide to deposit color to create your desire shade, it is recommended that you want 24-28 hours from the time of application to allow the adhesive to seal firmly.  Please keep in mind color or lightening the extensions voids their warranty.

All of the above heat processes are okay.  Do not allow your clients to sit under a dryer while wearing Hotheads or to isolate any of the above heat processes to the adhesive tabs.  Concentrated heat applied to the tabs can make the adhesive tacky, and also voids the warranty.

We recommend that clients use the Hotheads Haircare line.  It is formulated specifically for second hair (hair not attached and getting nutrients from the root).  Heavy conditioners are not to be applied at the scalp, or adhesive tabs, but rather from mid shaft to end.  Remind the client to rinse longer than usual to ensure there is no product left in the hair and to avoid products containing alcohols, oils or ethanols.

Yes, roots can be retouched, staying away from the adhesive tabs.  If roots need to be done between extension services and there is enough new growth to keep the color off of the tabs, do a partial retouch, along with the hair line.  For best results, chemical services should be done 24-48 hours prior to application.

Apply solvent to new hair growth and allow it to run down the hair shaft in between the adhesive tabs.  Let it set for a moment and then separate the tabs.  Do not rub the adhesive strip.  As you remove them, staying organized is key.  A good way is to t-pin each strip on a styrofoam mannequin head in the pattern they were taken from the clients heat.  This will guarantee and easy and accurate re-application.

Yes, the suggested re-use is up to 3 times.  After 3 uses, bulk at the attachment area may be created and new hair purchase is necessary.  Be sure to purchase solvent and adhesive tabs for your re-service.

Refer to our current price sheet.  Your Beauty Solutions Consultant will be happy to provide one to you.  Prices are according to length, color and quantity.

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